Fanny Bay, Comox Valley Raw Wildflower Honey – Artisan Jar 250 mL


Van Isle Wild Raw Honey in a tall artisan jar with honey stick. Makes a wonderful gift! These jars feature honey from our local apiary in Fanny Bay, BC and our bees forage on big leaf maple, fireweed, blackberries and over 15 varieties of black elderberry. Loaded with antioxidants, the only processing we do is a strain through net to take out the large particles and beeswax. This is as Raw as it gets and our customers agree as they tell us it is the best honey that they have ever had. Available seasonally in small quantities.

250 mL Jar with Honey Stick

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The unique location of our apiary gives our bee’s access to the one of the most diverse range of ecosystems that Vancouver Island has to offer – and you can taste it in our honey.

Mountain and valley wildflower and fireweed meadows, lush groves of big leaf maple, blackberries and ample fruit trees are all within foraging distance of our hives. The confluence of the beaufort mountains to the coastal lands provides many elevations and different surpluses of nectar throughout the growing seasons. This helps them create a complex and savory sweet raw honey that has to be tasted to be believed.

We try and keep our bees with their best interests in mind and because of this; our honey supply is very limited every year and is only offered when available.

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