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Honeybee Nucs Available In The Spring!

Multi-Generational Survivor Genetics on Vancouver Island.

Honeybee Nucs Available in the spring!

Multi-Generational Survivor Genetics on Vancouver Island.

By purchasing Van Isle Wild locally-bred bees, you will be investing in proven hardiness for our climate but will also minimize the disease/parasite risk associated with importing bees. Keep it local!

All of our stock originate from longstanding Vancouver Island genetics and are well acclimatized to our area. At Van Isle Wild we strive to breed hardy but gentle bees, that are resilient and easy to work with. We have the option of either deep or medium nucs. All queens will be marked, and most often will be of the current year unless breeding is affected by abnormal weather. Typically nucs will be ready for their new homes in the first week of June.

We ensure Queens are laying well and colonies are mite free at the time of delivery.

Each year our Nucs and Apiary is inspected by our local Apiary Inspector.

For more information or to join our wait-list, Contact us!


Van Isle Wild is a member of the BC Bee Breeders Association.

New to Beekeeping? 

-We recommend taking the free Introduction to Beekeeping course offered by the Province of British Columbia. Additional education through a private course and/or an mentor can be of great benefit.

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