Van Isle Wild

Growing With The Wild

– Uniquely Vancouver Island –

Van Isle Wild is a Grower, Producer and Forager of foods unique to Vancouver Island. Through Regenerative and Agroforestry Practices, our Fanny Bay farm focuses on diverse growing amongst the natural wild spaces.

From market mushrooms and crops grown in a dense rain forest canopy, to animals and eggs raised in lush and wild landscapes. We want to fill the void left from large scale mono-crop farming and bring you a wonderfully diverse range of products that are uniquely Van Isle Wild.

We carefully prepare and select the foods and preserves that have been ethically grown in the wildest ways possible to obtain a quality that can only come from working with the natural environment. Everything we grow and produce is non-GMO, and without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

“Letting the landscape tell us what crops suit it, and tailoring our farm to exist within the elements the land has provided. We Are Growing With The Wild.

-Van Isle Wild

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