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The founders Angela and Harrison were both born and raised in Southern Rural Vancouver Island, and loved being outside in nature since taking their first steps as children. Having grown up here, they have a natural familiarity and respect for all of the plants and animals, mountains and valleys of the island.  

“Having recently travelled clear across Southern Canada coast to coast to PEI, then Northern Canada to the start of the Alaska Highway, up into the Yukon and then over to Haida Gwaii, we can honestly say there is no place like home. Vancouver Island has one of the most diverse, wild and plentiful array of ecosystems. It is our home, our playground and our motivation.”

In 2017 the dream that for years was often spoke of as “we will find it” became a reality. After a long search, Van Isle Wild had finally found that little slice of pristine rainforest which had been left unaltered and uncultivated for over 25 years. No pavement, no concrete, no people, just a small homestead overgrown with all of its natural wonders and native plants. A diamond in the rough to the naked eye, but exactly the foundation for what we wanted to create! Our roots were planted.

Working with nature, keeping the forest, and watching how the natural plants grow, we listen to the land, the elements and changing environment. We know that our environment is not as it once was, and we must all make personal choices and changes to help nature.

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to improve and conserve this land. Over the last few years, we have planted thousands of new trees, countless native plants and vegetation specifically to help our pollinators. We have maintained rotting stumps that are nursing new trees to life and hollowed out trees that provide homes and refuge to various birds and insects. There is a resident bear who knows where everyone is at all times, but only observes, cougars passing through often, raccoons and squirrels racing around and a barred owl who we refer to as the property guardian.

“We wanted to farm and produce food, but with minimal impact to our environment. In addition, we strive to be regenerative and give back to our environment, while minimizing any waste. Our products have been made with care and love, and we select the best practices, processes and ingredients to facilitate high quality products from a sustainable foundation.”

Local. Regenerative. Wild. Van Isle Wild has been embraced with an abundance of support from the surrounding communities. Every day is a learning experience and a time for growth, which is part of what we love about this journey. 

Thank you for sharing it with all of us, and we look forward to sharing our quality products with you for many years to come!

Van Isle Wild

Fanny Bay, BC

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