Chemical free Honey from a diverse and wild range of nectar. Foraged from Big Leaf Maples, Fireweed and Wildflowers. We keep our hives in limited numbers.

Ridley Bronze Turkeys & Turkey Eggs

Heritage Ridley Bronze Turkey Poults and Hatching Eggs.
Our specialty free range turkeys spend their lives under a beautiful Vancouver Island forest canopy, with ample freedom to roam. We put humane treatment, quality of life and natural growing conditions at the absolute forefront of all of our operations.


Mighty Fresh Micorgreens are not just for salads. They add an extraordinary burst of flavour to any dish!

Honeybee Nucs

Honeybee Nucs Available in the spring!

Multi-Generational Survivor Genetics on Vancouver Island

Chicks & Chicken Eggs

Specialty and Heritage Breed Hatching Eggs and Chicks.
Non-Commercial, Heritage Breed Rainbow Eggs. Free Range, Raised on Non-GMO Vancouver Island grains, Fresh Kelp, Wild Forage, and Assorted Organic greens.


Using untreated rain water and the shade of ancient trees, our mushrooms are as fresh and local as it gets. The logs that the shiitakes grow from are all wind fallen or unsafe trees from within a 10km range of our grove that we call “The Mushroom Forest”.  

Vinegars & Preserves

This portion of the site is still under construction. we will have it up soon!

Elderberry Products

We use sustainably sourced, Certified Organic dried Elderberries, Organic Ginger, Organic Cloves, Organic Cinnamon and our very own fresh Elderberries when in season.

Fresh Produce

This portion of the site is still under construction. we will have it up soon!

Van Isle Wild is a Grower, Producer and Distributor of fine foods, preserves, and specialty health products. We value sustainability and the natural ecosystems of Vancouver Island.

From market mushrooms and crops grown in a dense rain forest canopy, to animals and eggs raised in lush and wild landscapes. We want to fill the void left from large scale mono-crop farming and bring you a wonderfully diverse range of products that are uniquely Van Isle Wild.

We carefully prepare and select the foods and preserves that have been ethically grown in the wildest ways possible to obtain a quality that can only come from working with the natural environment. Everything we grow and produce is non-GMO, and without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

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