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Eggs & Chickens

Non-Commercial and Heritage Breed Rainbow Eggs. Free Run, Raised on Non-GMO Vancouver Island Grains, Fresh Kelp, Wild Forage, and Assorted Organic greens.

Eggs for your table

Unfortunately, our table egg delivery list is full and our wait list is also full.

SOLD OUT for 2022:

  • Barnevelder
  • Opal Legbar
  • Golden Cuckoo Maran
  • Black Copper / Cuckoo Maran Cross
  • Barn Yard/ Rainbow Layer Mix.

Svart Hona

Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hens) are some of the blackest  and rarest chickens in the world. They are visually similar to Ayam Cemani but have larger combs, taller stance and are much more productive egg layers at up to 250 eggs per year as opposed to the Ayam Cemanis’ 80. True Svart Honas are pure black with a subtle and gorgeous iridescent green sheen in the sun.

These amazing creatures are one of the most sought after breeds in the world with fibro melanistic genetics resulting in their striking black feathers, black comb/wattles, black skin, black organs and completely black right to the bone!

An exceptionally friendly and affectionate breed, curious and docile, that produces small-medium cream coloured eggs. Very hardy and heat and cold tolerant. This breed is exceptional for free ranging and roosters are extremely vigilant Hens can go broody and they make excellent and attentive mothers. Fertility rates are very high with this breed, often at 98%. Highly collectable, stands out in a flock and stunning in any chicken yard. Sold as straight run.

Black Copper / Cuckoo Maran

We have combined our richest and darkest brown egg layers, pure Black Copper Marans with the remarkable Cuckoo Maran, to give you a show-stopping “must-have” Maran chicken!

A dual purpose bird, they have a good disposition in that they are not overly friendly, but also not scared or skittish. Bred for non-aggressive roosters and a more hardy dark brown egg layer.

They get along very well in mixed breed flocks and free range or in confinement. They make great pets, and produce an average of 150-200 beautiful dark brown eggs per year.

An excellent addition for anyone wanting that perfect rainbow carton!

Opal Legbars - Pure

Sorry not available in 2022, will return 2023

Pure Opal Legbars make an extraordinary addition to any flock with their shimmering silvery feathers in the sun, and their impressive hairdos. Chicks are autosexing so you can easily distinguish pullets from males by the down colour when they are just a day old, so you know right from the start!

Opal roosters are crested with lavender barring and rich golden and silvery highlights which glimmer in the light. Opal hens are also crested with beautiful pearl grey colouring, some with a light peach or salmon colouring in the chest, and they lay abundant gorgeous medium blue eggs.

Opal Legbars have the same breeding structure as any bird of lavender genetics where birds need two copies of the lavender gene in order to produce the lavender colour. Birds can then be bred back to Cream Legbar to improve feather quality and breeding stock.

Temperament is very sweet and friendly, and they have huge personalities which make them excellent pets. They do well with mixed flocks or on their own, are great foragers and the roosters tend to be gentle but protective.

Opal Legbars - Splits

Sorry not available in 2022, will return 2023

Opal Splits – 100% Splits (50% Pure Opal, and 50% Crested Cream Legbar)

These medium birds are colourful and loaded with personality. Both the hens and roosters dawn a fluffy crest. Splits lay a medium blue or green-blue egg, and are very consistent layers. Both Opal and Opal Splits are excellent foragers and have good heat tolerance. Increase the blue of your eggs by breeding Splits back to Opals to make more Opals!

Chicks are autosexing so you can easily distinguish pullets from males by the down colour when they are just a day old.

Cream Legbar x Cream Legbar = 100% Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar x Opal Legbar = 100% splits (one copy lavender gene)

Opal Legbar x Split = 50% Opal Legbar

50% splits Split x Split = 25% Cream Legbar (no lavender gene)

50% split (one lavender gene), 25% Opal Legbar Opal Legbar x Opal Legbar = 100% Opal

Splits will look just like the regular cream legbars but when you breed them together, you should get: Split x Split = 25% Cream Legbar (no lavender gene), 50% split (one lavender gene), 25% Opal Legbar

Ask Us About a Custom Hatch For Your Flock!

We have Hatching eggs available when our incubators are full!
Please inquire for availability.



  • Please note that while we select our lines carefully and we do our best to preserve the premium genetics, there is always an element of randomness and we cannot guarantee that any specific offspring will be perfect.

Customer Reviews

Haven P.
April 26, 2020

I ordered some chicks from and Angela kept in touch with me letting me know everything, the good and the bad. Angela was wonderful and if I need more chicks i will 100% be getting more from her!! Even was happy to help answer questions as im a brand new chicken keeper!

Atlas G.
April 25, 2020

When I saw Van Isle Wilds colourful hatching eggs I knew I needed to have them. The Eggs were so colourful, but beyond that just radiated love and health! Angela was so supportive and communicative during the pre-hatching period and shared video and pictures of the first hatch- so special! She was very flexible with pick up and all the baby chicks were very healthy and seemed very happy. She had them packed with a nice little hot water bottle for my travels! The chicks were all strong and healthy. Because of the unsexed mix I also got an awesome deal! Turns out I did get a few roos! Their feathers are really showing their beautiful colours of copper and white over a luscious black. I am so in love I had to jump on her next batch of chicks. Thank you Van Isle Wild! I would not hesitate to use your services or recommend them to anyone!

Ruth T.
April 29, 2020

Van Isle Wild…Best Eggs Ever. Each time a carton is opened, we are met with a kaleidoscope of colourful eggs. Turquoises, light blues, creamy whites and mottled browns. An immediate feast for the eyes.
Each little beauty is individual in size and colour. Because the eggs hold their shape in the
pan, the whites appear to ‘fluff up’ while cooking, and the yolks have what we like to call ‘altitude’.
Oh those yolks, they are almost orange; and oh, so creamy. We often find double yolks, which always causes a ‘buzz’ at the table in the morning.

I love to bake with Van Isle Wild eggs as well. Whipped up, they are a thing of beauty. It makes me happy knowing that when we bake cookies or make bennies, or whatever we are creating for the family that these beautiful eggs are a part of each recipe.

Delivery over the years is always impeccable. I get a reminder the day before delivery and let me tell you how grateful I have been for that!  I can return the cartons for refill; as they only use their own egg crates, I am happy to recycle, knowing we are safe. When we had family coming and were in need an extra carton of ‘little beauties’; as I like to call them; Van Isle Wild has always been very accommodating.

We love our little beauties and are grateful for home delivery every week…Best Eggs Ever.

Iona L.
April 19, 2020

I highly recommend Van Isle wild for there products. I have been getting eggs and honey last 2 years, Anglea very knowledgeable in her produce. And the care she gives to her bees and chickens is recognized, in her happy chickens. Looking forward to the garlic this year, that I have added to my shopping list.

Jeremy W.
March 27, 2020

Just want to say that the eggs that they produce are exactly what you see on their page! beautiful and delicious!!!!
We are so lucky to have Van Isle Wild in our neighborhood.
Thank you!!!

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